Sunday 28 September

Worked on factions, improved rulebook with new feedback & adjusted layout of cave cards.




Saturday 27 September

Cave Pilot 55 tested with Joost (a real gamer). Good feedback. Finetuning factions, cave shop & placement of upgrade cards. Overall impression: "I really like this game"




Saturday 20 September

A Saturday evening with the family. The game was devoured by Tim, Caroline & Gerard, playing Cave Pilot drinking some tea and coffee while flying through the cave.




Saturday 20 September

We have been to Ducosim game fair in the 'Flint' Amersfoort, and played a demo for 999 games 'bring & try'.

The reviewers commented: "Exiting theme for gamers. A unique game concept [players build their own cave of variable length]. Lots of interaction between players".

Their advice was to look carefully at the target group: 1) downgrade the game to create a family game or 2) continue in this direction to make a great gamers' game.

We had a nice day at the Flint, apart from the parking ticket of 90 euro......




Friday 19 September

We tested the new faction concept to smoothen the game. A.O.: Factions should not be 'focussed' on pilot- & plate armour upgrades. Upgrades will show a maximum of 2 units of faction symbols.

Number of upgrades in the Cave store is set at 8.



Saturday 13 September

Different faction abilities finalised. see nice overview of faction card.




Sunday 7 September

Worked a bit on game factions. Factions will each have their unique abilities & bonusses, including a very special upgrade.



Saturday 6 September

Cave card art adjusted and improved. In the afternoon we have worked on the new webpage of the game.




Friday 29 August

Cave Pilot 55 tested at UCP Boardgame club Leeuwarden. Players were enthousiastic. We got subtle feedback to increase the number of unique cards and add the possibility to make combo's and collect bonusses.

Have a look at their website.