Monday 22 December - Friday 2 January

We extensively (n = 10) tested the basic game, exploration possibilities, the optional faction cards and the 'lane set' expansion during the holidays. We made improvements to the rulebook (see the new version on 10 January 2015) and tekst on the cave cards, upgrade special ability cards and the flying Nathus.




Thursday 27 November

Our artist (Petra van Berkum) has send us several sketches for special ability upgrades.

Three versions of the K3 FR Command system........ and the final art.



An alternative version of the Flux Capacitator........... and the final art:




Thursday 30 November

We proudly present some of the special art for the limited edition promo pack for Kickstarter backers in the second half of Q1 2015.

The enourmous and dangerous Flying Nathus (2 caves wide) and the Fluorescent Mushrooms.




Friday 19 October

Early Friday we went to Spiel in Essen Germany, to check various boardgames.

For the kids we bought 'A la Carte' and 'Akaba'. For, ourselves we played and took home 'Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice' from Backspindle Games and 'Samurai Spirit' from FunForge




Monday 6 October

We have just put the evolution of the cave cards (Aug 2013: right - Oct 2014: left) in one sequence, so you can see the improvement of symbols & design. On the latest cave cards, we have placed the cave experience value, together with the personal credits in the left corner of the cave illustration. These two values are of interest during placement of the cave, but do not need focus when passing by. All symbols (except cave handling) relevant for planning and anticipating effects of this card are now on the bottom of the cave card and increase in size from the right to the left prototype. The last two versions are also darker above the illustration to enhance the feeling that you are really flying in a dark cave. The next step will be improving the visibility of the cave handling above the illustration.




Friday 3 October

Cave Pilot 55 was tested again with 4 players at UCP Leeuwarden after suggested improvements to the boardgame. Playtesters where praising the game concept, website and art. We got very good feedback, which is important for the game to grow. Future improvements include: cave explorations, a training scenario to learn the game when playing the first time, some minor spelling errors and more faction & clear symbols on the upgrade cards.