Monday 30 March

Playing a four player game at Jeff's new place. Exiting race as three players finished very close with only 2 points difference.




Sunday 29 March

We have recorded a tutorial video of a run-through of Cave Pilot 55. Have a look on You tube (part 1 & part 2).




Sunday 22 March

We've been to Zuiderspel game fair, spoke to loads of people that were enthousiastic about our game and played about 20 demos.



Sunday 22 March


We are live on



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Cave Pilot 55 live on Kicktsarter



Saturday 14 March

Cave Pilot was played and tested again at the Purple Dragon in Groningen. Though game with two shock-beams obliterated some of the players just before the cave exit. The Otis Flash Matic and the Laplace db sound attack trapped two players in a pincer. Activate the shock beam to harass a fellow player, but then you yourself cannot handle the beam and will get damage.




Tuesday 10 March

From now on the rulebook is also available in German (see media menu).



Friday 6 March

On the 22nd of March, we will demonstrate Cave Pilot 55 on Zuiderspel in Veldhoven. Check out their website!! You can visit our stand, enjoy a demo or join the table and play Cave Pilot 55 yourself!!





Tuesday 3 March

Koen, Stefan & Stephan were really keen on testing Cave Pilot 55. Awesome game, difficult, asymmetric cave, but awesome. Unfortunately Stefan's bat-plane exploded very close to the finish.




Sunday 1 March

Jeroen & Martijn went to Roll the Dice to demonstrate Cave Pilot 55. We played three games of Cave Pilot with Stef, Wiljan, Wilfred, Rene & Carola. The ambiance was good. We were greatful for their feedback and when back home started to immediately implement their ideas in the game. As a result we stripped the game of some unnecessary details without loosing the essential mechanisms and unique feeling of the game. As an example, have a look at the improved cave card layout and check the downloads for the new rules and print & play version.





Friday 27 February

We have been to Broadcast Events of Frans Sman in Hilversum, to create and record the promo video for the Kickstarter campaign. Frans is a media & sound expert, owner of the smallest professional studio facilities in Hilversum. His extraordinary knowlegde of video & sound techniques were essential for a succesful creation of our video. Thanks Frans! On the right, Martijn in action for the voice over. In the end, Frans had to remove lots of 'smack' and 'click' sounds in Martijn's voice.




Sunday 22 February

Again two stunning drawings by Petra. Two special ability cards that can be found during exploration of some of the caves: old credits & the booster fuel tank




Wednesday 18 February

Game testing by Jeroen and Toin. I've never seen such a thrilling game where the difference between the winner and the next in line was 1 whole reputation point.




Sunday 15 February

The new layout for the cave entrances and exit.




Saturday 14 February

Game night at the Purple Dragon in Grongingen. Cave Pilot 55 was tested en enjoyed by Jaap, Ben, Tim & Benjamin, who designed an enormous cave with a reputation of 84 and a stunning length of 12 caves. We took home some tips to tweek the game a bit.




Friday 13 February

A new round of Cave Pilot 55. With a tough cave and various factions, we had an extended game with 4 people. A close finish, loads of rockets and mysterious technological aids helped to give this evening the 'good old fashioned boardgame feeling'.




Sunday 8 February

We have tested and uploaded a new competitive scenario, designed by Suzanne: "For bastards only", were depressed players slowly get berserk and start shooting at other players to win the game. Each player also starts with a special remote control: the 'Otis flash-matic', in order to agonize other players. You can find the new scenario on the 'SCENARIOS' page.




Saturday 7 February

Yesterday we got good feedback at Indietopia, which immediately resulted in adaptations of the cave card layout en 2 new special ability cards. Have a look at the new layout! Woooow! It gets better and better




Friday 6 February

Martijn was invited to test Cave Pilot 55 at the Indietopia (Indie game developers paradise). Publishers, game freeks and game developers gather on the Groninger 'Grote Markt' to test, review and play boardgames together. Cave Pilot 55 was received with much enthousiasm nad playtesters thoroughly reviewed the game.




Sunday 1 February

During a misty afternoon we have been testing the scenarios: 'Cave crawlers' and 'Messing with particles' multiple times. Have a look at the photo's down here. You can download the first scenario on our webpage under the new heading 'SCENARIOS'. Have fun!




Saturday 31 January

Today we have been working on the new Cistugo faction card and have translated our English rule book into a Dutch version (for download on our Media page).




Tuesday 27 January

Cave Pilot 55 is live on Board Game Geek!! Five days later more than 250 visitors have seen the new addition of our boardgame to the BoardGameGeek database, while our rulebook has been downloaded more than 45 times. Fantastic! Check their website here.




Saturday 24 January

The Print & play version of Cave Pilot 55 is now available for download (see Media)



Friday 23 January

Another test round. We had two enervating games of Cave Pilot 55 in the late hours with beer and some stunning moves. Although Sophie fired several missiles on Dennis, he still won the game by only two points.




Tuesday 20 January

Petra van Berkum has finished a wonderfull banner and some beautiful box symbols, which we can use in our rulebook, scenario sheets, but also for the oncoming Kickstarter project.




Sunday 18 Januray

We are currently working on a print & play version of Cave Pilot 55 and a standard scenario sheet, both of which will probably be released next weekend, available for download.



Friday 16 January

On Thursday the rulebook was critically reviewed by Koen, which took two of his friends to test the game on Friday. Bat-planes zigzagged through the cave and many missiles hit target. We had a pleasant evening in an competitive atmosphere, with a mixture of olives, exotic beer and wine. Tristan, Margerita & Koen were exited. 'Cool game'........




Monday 12 January

Happily, we can announce that Cave Pilot 55 will be presented as a Tabletop Game project on Kickstarter in the second half of Q1 2015.

We sincerely hope to collect the funds for the production of this fantastic boardgame.