Saturday 30 May

Cave Pilot 55 was present on the Ducosim game fair at the Flint in Amersfoort, with lots of interested gamers.




Sunday 17 May

We improved the size of the symbols and the text on the upgrade cards. In the next weeks we are working on several small improvements of the game.




Wednesday 29 April

First of all we are very grateful for your enthousiastic support for our game Cave Pilot 55 on KS. We have received many positive feedback. Mainly due to the high target in combination with the initial high shipping cost and the lack of English reviewers we didn't reach the target. However we are planning for a rebound of Cave Pilot 55. For the rebound we are especially going to focus and work on the following: 1) reduce the targetgoal, 2) find new English speaking gamers, that are willing to review our game, 3) critically look at the shipping cost, re-analyse all possible options and come up with a better offer

Next to this we are going to finish the artwork, continue testing & promoting the game, expand & improve the rulebook and add some extra tutorials. If you want to be involved please let us know via our contact page.


The planning is to start the rebound somewhere in the 4th quarter of 2015.


We hope that many of you will continue to support us by backing our project in the second run, as well as in the mean time play our print & play game with your friends.



Tuesday 28 April

We have played Cave Pilot 55 for the fourth time at Koen's place with Valentijn. This time Koen was much to swift for us, running like a madman to the exit to collect the bonus. Well done Koen! After we finished we drank a well earned beer and talked about the game.




Saturday 11 April

Michael from NVS Gameplays recorded an excellent review of the game. Check it here on you tube!!!

"......this is by no means a simple game.......this game really shines..."

"....there is so much strategy to this, I absolutely love this..."



Thanks very much Michael !!! Awesome video