Satuday 31 October

In order to improve the timing of the Exploration cards we''ve increased their height (+3mm) and included a symbol representing the sequence of the Action Phase in the layout. The symbol contains 6 pieces, each corresponding to a phase, starting from the top piece (indicated by the small white vertical I): 1) Fire missiles, 2) Movement, 3) Handle cave, 4) Refresh cave shop, 5) Additional round of actions and 6) Landing (Upgrading & Exploration)



For example: the Foliot clock can be used during all phases, except the "Additional round of actions". Explorer goggles can only be used during the Exploration phase, while the Oil flask can be used during the "Fire missiles" and "Handle cave" phases. Next, we still need to indicate if the Exploration card can be used during a player''s own turn or also during the turn of other players, but we''re working on that as we speak.



Thursday - Sunday 8-11 October

During 8, 9, 10 & 11 October we have demonstrated Cave Pilot 55 at the Spiel game fair in Essen Germany in Halle 7 booth 7-K106 (Author Workshop tables). We have met and talked to hundreds of people. Many many people we''re enthousiastic about our game. They liked the graphics, the game mechanisms and the depth & complexity of the game. We''ve collected about 100 e-mails of gamers that wanted to be notified when we launch our Kickstarter project around the end of Q1 in 2016. Beside this we talked to producers, distributors, game-manufacturers and game-compagnies, as well as bought some games ourselves.





Monday 5 October

Dangerous gas cloud ahead. Hopefully our pilot is protected for these kinds of unpleasant environments......




Friday 25 September

We have prepared some high resolution Print & Play files that you can download to test and enjoy the game. Please visit the Media section and share your experience with us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Thursday 24 september

For now we have finalised the revised rulebook and included the final example: 'How to upgrade your bat-plane'. Have a look at the 24/9 version of the revised rulebook in the Media section. The next step is blind testing, i.e. playing Cave Pilot 55 from the rulebook.


Art from the Exploration Cards: Explorer goggles & Power magnet



Sunday 20 september

We've added a new example to the rulebook explaining how to visit the cave entrance. The cave entrance can be visited up to a maximum of three turns before entering the inner cave. During the third time players must visit the Scrap Yard and pay 1 credit. In their next turn, players must enter the inner cave.




Tuesday 15 september

Lots of new art we wish to share with you. It is really exiting to see our game progress......




Monday 14 september

Another update regarding the art. This time we will show you two very dangerous cave cards. If a bat-plane lands on one of these caves and they can't escape, they will have to take care of the monsters themselves. For example in the Spiderweb, players first need to be cautious not to end up in the web. To find out, they have to compare the value of their power to the value shown when throwing the yellow die. If their power is greater than the yellow die value they escape from the web. In case they end up in the web they have to handle a much tougher challege fighting the spider itself.......




Thursday 10 September

Lets take a sneak peak at these stunning exploration cards.



With the help of the 'attack' cards players can neutralize the use of opponents' Upgrades or reduce their strength, while the Iron Dome lets players to redirect missiles.



Sunday 6 September

We will demonstrate Cave Pilot 55 at Spiel 2015 (Essen Germany) at the Author's Workshoptable (Halle 7, booth 7-K106) from 8, 9, 10 to 11 October.

Please visit our table and join us for a game of Cave Pilot 55!!




Thursday 27 August

The art for the pilots is finished. Eight beautiful pilots ready to fly the cave, kill some monsters and evade some nasty rockets!





Tuesday 18 August

Petra has made some new sketches of two prehistoric cave cards and a lava centipede. This looks very promising!!