Mayday, mayday…… I’m hit….. heat seeking missile…… left wing on fire……. Mayday, mayday… another missile is coming…. No!! Please anyone, help m……. Arghhhhh…. [explosion]

We’ve lost ‘Mad’. The race will now continue between the two of us. I look back and see Valeriu just behind me, narrowly escaping a giant spider in a huge sticking web.

I am just hit by a laser beam, but it didn’t harm me, as I am equipped with the best shields possible. I look left and see Valeriu, using his booster fuel, recklessly passing me by. He is laughing self-satisfied. The bastard. But I know I can win, as we still have a long way to fly before we reach the end of the cave and the cave is getting more and more dangerous. My rival stops abrupt. A vampiric cave bat appears in front of him. The fight that follows is gruesome. With broken shields and as good as no weapons he is doomed. Soon he looses the fight, together with his last weapons.

Fully submerged in adrenaline, I can see the daylight in the distance. I feel terrible exhausted (more dead than alive), but I survived!