Thursday 24 March

Once again a fantastic journey through the cave.......... We (Jeff, Jeroen and Martijn) feared the Sulphur turret as it put several big holes in our bat-planes. Jeff pulled Jeroen into the turret by the power magnet. Still Jeroen won convincinly.




Saturday 5 March

We are proud to announce that the launch of our Kickstarter project is planned around the 15th of May. We will start the first 2 weeks of the campaign with some extras for the early birds. If you want to get a notification just before the KS launch, please contact us.




Friday 26 February

A night full of Cave Pilot 55. Matt, Koen and myself played two games that were exiting until the last moment. Matt and I celebrated our memorable victories with some Spanish wine.




Sunday 14 February

We have finished the 'lava' cave. Twentyfour cave cards for experienced cave pilots. We post two of them right now.....




Friday 12 February

This evening we have been playing a quick game of Cave Pilot 55 with 4 people. Koen strategically outplaced us with some sneaky moves.......




Saturday 30 Januray

Check it out, a new solo scenario: "The devious cavern". A nasty cave with a 'gap' and a mine-field just for the exit. You can download it for free on our 'Scenario' page. Some dark images during the testing of this devious scenario.............




Sunday 17 January

Today we succesfully tested the limited edition expansion with the huge flying Nathus. The Nathus will fly into the cave via the exit when the cave is finished and will be closed. The beast moves every round after all players have moved. Players are attacked by the head and the tail of the Nathus when he encounters the players. This is a whole new dimension of Cave Pilot 55. Have a look at the pictures........





Saturday 2 January

Our website was hijacked for three days, so we have to repair some of the content. Just to give you an appetiser. Here is some of the new Cave Card art that has been finished some days ago. Cave Pilot 55 wishes all gamers a happy 2016!!